Restaurant Awards 2024, Editors’ Pick: Best After-Work Hang

Grab your coworkers. Let's go.

For the 2024 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, we introduced a very special new selection: Editors’ Picks, which highlight the rooms in the city that serve a specific purpose, in addition to having great food and service. 

Editors’ Pick: Best After-Work Hang

The post-work hangout is a delicate dance, indeed—it should be comfortable but not too casual, exciting but approachable, and, of course, have a menu that covers vegan and gluten-free options for your colleagues’ charmingly specific dietary restrictions. Joey does it all, from sushi to burgers to curry (might as well get a few truffle fries for the table, too). Sneak out of the office a bit early and you’ll catch the happy hour menu; work hard, $7 bellini hard.

Multiple locations

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