Restaurant Awards 2024, Editors’ Pick: The Best Date Night Restaurant in Vancouver

Looking for a romantic night out? Here's where to go.

For the 2024 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, we introduced a very special new selection: Editors’ Picks, which highlight the rooms in the city that serve a specific purpose, in addition to having great food and service. 

Editors’ Pick: Best Date Night

Imagine you and your date in a trendy, dimly lit space with exposed brick, diving into fresh mussels and sipping on elegant cocktails like the Blue Fig martini—it comes with blue cheese, showcasing your sophisticated side. That’s the kind of Belgian-style romance you can expect from our Best Date Night winner, Chambar. Reveal your cosmopolitan tastes by selecting from their extensive range of top-notch Belgian beers on tap. Leverage your grade-four French to smoothly order Le Canard—duck confit with ricotta and goat cheese gnocchi, accompanied by a celery and hazelnut salad and shaved green apple—and choose a bottle from their impressive wine list. The ambiance here is cool and cozy, ideal for sharing moules frites as you gaze into each other’s eyes, pondering what your kids might look like—or pretending you don’t have any for the night.

568 Beatty St.

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