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Restaurant Awards 2024, Editors’ Pick: The Best Patio in Vancouver

What's the most magical patio for seaside views? Our editors know...

For the 2024 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, we introduced a very special new selection: Editors’ Picks, which highlight the rooms in the city that serve a specific purpose, in addition to having great food and service. 

Editors’ Pick: The Best Patio

Perched right on the False Creek seawall, Ancora’s patio offers a serene seaside escape. With views that stretch over the water, it’s the spot where the city’s breathtaking panorama meets some serious culinary excellence; where gentle breezes accompany indulgence in Peruvian-Japanese creations, like a sublime hamachi carpaccio or succulent sablefish. The Ancora Glacier platter teems with oceanic treasures: freshly shucked oysters, ceviche mixto, poached prawns, an assortment of sashimi, tuna tartare, Dungeness crab causa and escabeche mussels. It’s an experience that lets you savour the ocean’s bounty as you gaze out at its vastness, fantasizing about buying a sailboat despite never having set foot in one. Such is the intoxicating allure of the patio.

1600 Howe St.


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