Top 3 Men’s Hair Trends to Try for 2017

Hasta la vista, Man Bun. Vancouver barbershops and salons dish on men's big #hairgoals for 2017.

Hasta la vista, Man Bun. Vancouver barbershops and salons dish on men’s big #hairgoals for 2017.

jdsvanmag-16(Photo: JD’s Barbershop.)

1. The Tidy Beard

JD’s Barbershop owner and barber Judah Down says 2017 is the year to clean up the beard. “If your beard is so long it needs to be tucked away before diving into a bowl of chowder, pay attention to this one,” says Down. “We can all agree beards are manly, but the Mountain Man competition is coming to an end. Sculpt away the excess into a tidy, closer-cut beard that complements your face instead of obscuring it.”image1 (Photo: Heartbreaker Salon.)

2. The Guy Lights

“Guy lights,” or men’s highlights, have been at street level for a while now and 2017 is the year we will start seeing the look go mainstream, according to Heartbreaker Salon. Cue the rainbow hues! Men will be opting for colours all across the spectrum, including blue, green, pink, grey and classic blond.img_4537 (Photo: Farzad’s Barbershop.)

3. The Classic

Farzad’s Barber Shop is seeing more and more men coming in for a retro ‘do inspired by the ’50s and ’60s. “Most of these classic cuts we do are short, tapered back and sides, and definitely longer on top with either a soft or hard part to comb hair to the side, or slicked back if the hair is long enough,” says Farzad’s part-owner Shelley Salehi. Adding that the increased popularity of barber shops in the last few years has also led to this style’s big revival.