Have You Sanded Your Feet Yet?

It's time to become a smooth operator.

It’s time to become a smooth operator.

Writing about feet is never a glamorous subject; writing about dead skin on your feet even less so. But, it’s not often we come across a product we’re so rabidly in love with that we’re willing to consider hawking it on an infomercial. Here at Vanmag, we get the opportunity to test-run a lot of different products: some inspire the genesis of beauty round-ups (top lipsticks, best organic skin cream) while others occasionally leave testers’ faces awash in ruby red rashes (sorry, Jenny in the Art dept.). It’s one of the job hazards. But Dr. Scholl’s new Express Pedi Foot Smoother is the latest beauty tool that’s become our current obsession and promises the best skin results ever.This little number looks like an electric shaver, but has a battery-powered rotating sandpaper edge. Turn it on and the roller instantly buffs away summer’s callouses and rough skin, turning your feet into sandal-worthy beauties in minutes. As a footnote: we got a little carried away and were told to stop using it while watching TV, sitting outside, talking on the phone, etc. Either way, we’re head-over-heels.Available at London Drugs, Londondrugs.com, from $39.50foot_shaver