High-Fashion Handcuffs

We’re fit to be tied over Luz de la Riva’s new line of intimate cosmetics

If sex shops make you think of creepy men in trench coats or Catholic girls-gone-wild, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But if they make you think of Valentino dresses, Burberry cosmetics, and Fendi shearling ankle booties, you wouldn’t be wrong either. That’s because the new Nordstrom Vancouver has now welcomed Luz de la Riva to its shelves. Previously only available online in the U.S. at Nordstrom.com, de la Riva’s line of Couture Intimate Cosmetics makes its Canadian storefront debut right here at the massive retailer because, well, Canadians are just a tad more open-minded and progressive (read: we don’t need to online shop for a little bedroom fun).Made with natural aphrodisiacs, de la Riva’s collection covers a host of goodies from completely natural, edible massage oils and Wild Orchid candles that don’t burn too hot (say, for dripping?) to Pheromone Inducing Salt Scrubs and “multi-functional” restraints—two gorgeous long, silk ties hand-stitched with crystal beading that could double as hair-ties should your mother arrive for a visit. All products are free of parabens, phthalates, talc and GMOs (we’re told K-Y Jelly isn’t all that good for your microflora, ahem, so there’s also the Simone glycerine-free, water-based lubricant for that).Not all products are available in-store (just the cuffs, massage oil and candles for now in the lingerie department); the rest are online at Luzdelariva.com (and they ship to Canada). But we say it’s about time someone stepped up to make this so we’re not having to abstain while we wait for online delivery or resort to furtive trips to a strip mall. Now, you can stock up on silk handcuffs, designer duds and have your hair blowed out at Drybar all at the same time. This makes the ultimate shower gift, Christmas present for either him or her and, let’s be honest, an anytime-gift for yourself.Luz de la Riva available at Nordstrom Pacific Centre (cuffs retail for $143.14)799 Robson Street, 604-699-2100Ca.nordstrom.com

Handcrafted in 100-percent silk and encrusted with crystals, the Juliette Cuffs de Luxe are for experiencing intimacy with a little mischief

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The Pheromone Inducing Salt Scrub is made from essential oils and a trio of organic mineral salts like Alaea Hawaiian, Himalayan, and Bolivian Rose salt

Made with natural ingredients, the Lulu Edible Massage oil (without 24k-gold flakes) is made with natural pheromones in Forbidden Fruit, Cacao Picante, and Dulce De Leche

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