These Dumplings are the Epitome of Luxury

Mott 32's pork and prawn siu mai is like no other.

Mott 32’s pork and prawn siu mai is like no other.

Oh boy, where to begin? At its heart we have a restaurant that’s aiming to take our city’s beloved Cantonese cuisine and give it some much needed elevation in both its ingredients and in the surroundings it’s served in. So you get a Shanghai soup dumpling spiked with hot-and-sour broth and Iberico ham served in a room that looks like a 1930s movie set. Or the above: a siu mai like no other, with that same pricey Iberico minced with organic prawn and wrapped around a barely cooked quail egg. And topped with a flourish of black truffle. If the Trump tower’s namesake were to call it “terrific,” it would be the truth.

Mott 32

1161 W Georgia