Forage Restaurant Just Made an Excellent Pandemic Pivot

You can now bring their kitchen provisions home for the holidays.

I used to buy into the proviso that the reason most restaurants had Heinz as their go-to ketchup was because it was the best. It’s really tricky to balance sweet and acid (with a side of “this is just what ketchup tastes like”), and even great chefs often go with store-bought when their customers request it along with their frites.

Until, that is, I tried Forage’s housemade version: it’s balanced, yes, but it’s also got a hint of spice that ensures I’ll always order fries, roasted potatoes, a burger—and that I’ll continue to steal off my companion’s plate. 

We all know restaurants have taken a big hit during the no-good, terrible year that is 2020, and as a means of keeping their staff employed, Forage has just launched an online store of some of their fan favourites. There’s the ketchup (yes!), but you’ll also find Local IPA mustard, honey infused with orange liqueur, sourdough starter, bake-at-home double chocolate scones and a gorgeous selection of some of their best restaurant provisions, plus a few holiday treats as well (stollen, for one—along with Spice Box whisky cranberry sauce, and turkey seasoning mix.)

The online store is live now, and shipping is free in B.C. for orders over $80. A great way to support a local restaurant and their team this holiday season.