How to Spend a Day Eating in Port Moody

Port Moody is rife with new restaurants, ocean views and more craft breweries than you can shake a stick at. It’s time to head east to source some of this burg’s charismatic charm.

Port Moody is rife with new restaurants, ocean views and more craft breweries than you can shake a stick at. It’s time to head east to source some of this burg’s charismatic charm.

Drive to Port Moody this weekend—go on, we dare you. Where you might have expected nothing but burbs—and you’ll pass through a few to get there— you could be surprised at what awaits you: exposed brick, high ceilings and open-plan industrial rooms are coming into their own in a spot that has morphed from peripheral town to hipster haven.portmoody_001Gabi and Jules Handmade Pies and Baked Goodnessportmoody_002Caffé Divanoportmoody_003Moody Ales

Caffeine and Cake

For prime evidence of just how Instagrammable Port Moody has become, make newly opened Gabi and Jules Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness (2302B Clarke St.) the first stop on your route. From house-made granola (served in Mason jars, of course) to pies that seem fresh from your grandma’s oven, this bakery has brought a new flavour to the old town. If you’re looking for a good coffee and a savoury snack, head to the pie shop’s sister location, Caffé Divano (101–101 Klahanie Dr.), where owners Patrick and Lisa have been serving locals for nearly a decade.portmoody_004The Parkside Brewery

Afternoon Brew

If there’s ever been one thing to tempt a Vancouverite out of the city, it’s four industrial-style craft breweries on one block adjacent to the water—aptly titled Brewer’s Row. If you’re looking for a tried-and-tested bevvy, try the Moody Brown at local stalwart Moody Ales (2601 Murray St.) at the end of the street. The Parkside Brewery (2731 Murray St.) offers a larger, busier room with a good nighttime vibe, whereas Twin Sails Brewing’s (2821 Murray St.) dark room and red-brick-lined walls are perfect for a quiet drink. For VanMag-award-winning beer, head to Yellow Dog Brewing Co. (2817 Murray St.) and try the Chase My Tail Pale Ale. The town’s food trucks have cottoned on to this gem of a block, so don’t be surprised to see Cheese Crust or Island Time parked outside.portmoody_006Twin Sails Brewingportmoody_007Meat Craft Urban Butchery portmoody_008Spacca Napoli

The Meat Scene

If you asked Port Moody locals 10 years ago what an “urban butchery” was, you might have received some strange looks and quickly been steered back onto Barnet Highway. Now Meat Craft Urban Butchery (114 Moody St.) offers free-range and ethically raised meat alongside shelves full of delicious treats worthy of a Friday-night charcuterie board. Just a few blocks away, Salumist (2723 Murray St.) offers cured meat bento boxes from its position conveniently smack bang in the middle of Brewer’s Row.portmoody_005Yellow Dog Brewing Co.portmoody_009Original’s Café Mexicanoportmoody_010Rocky Point Ice Cream Store

Dinner Time

Spacca Napoli (2801 Saint Johns St.) might have  been around for only six months, but it has some real wood-fired pizza chops, and a swell decor, with subway tiles and a bright-red oval-shaped pizza oven decor that pops even the greyest day. Ask for oregano and basil underneath the cheese on your order—trust us. Original’s Café  Mexicano (2231 Clarke St.) serves up good coffee, cake and solid Mexican food from a character-style home, and Pajo’s (2800 Murray St.) is the local go-to shack for fish and chips (though it closes in the winter). Head to Rocky Point Ice Cream Store (2800 Murray St.) for a scoop of blueberry-lemon-Greek-yogurt ice cream to cleanse your palate.portmoody_011St. James’s Wellportmoody_012Brew Street Craft and Kitchen

Late Night

If you’ve decided to make a weekend of it, then stop by St. James’s Well (248 Newport Dr.)  for standard pub grub and a good pint of Guinness. Brew Street Craft and Kitchen (3224 Saint Johns St.) has everything you would expect from a pub with “craft” in the title, including a cutesy fairy light-adorned beer garden, though locals miss the dingy interior of the spot’s previous iteration, the Golden Spike, where you could get a $1 sleeve of beer every time the Canucks scored. Rocky Point Taphouse (2524 Saint Johns St.) has live music and a good tap selection, but rumours around town say the place has been bought by the owners of Brew Street, who have plans to turn it into an oyster bar.