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The Best European Restaurants in Vancouver

For our very continental readers.

We’re the first to say this is an awkward category: who the hell ever says they want to go our for “European” foods? It’s the type of thing an alien masquerading as a human or a contestant on the Bachelorette would say. But here’s the thing – we needed a category in our Restaurant Awards that covered places like Chambar (Belgian, amongst others influences) and Como (Spanish) and before it departed us, Bauhaus (German) to name but three, where the cooking is deserving our our love but who didn’t fit into any easy category. Hence…European.

1. Chambar

Nico (BOH) and Karri (FOH) Schuermans’ room celebrated its 15th anniversary a few years back, but it still manages to capture the verve (and crowds) of a place that just opened. Secretly the editors’ used to call this the Chambar category because of its dominance.

2. Como Taperia

The ode to the tapas parlours of Barcelona and Madrid that’s hands-down one of the vibiest spot in town. So much so that it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and overlook the stellar small plates emerging from the Main Street haunt’s small kitchen. A legit can’t-miss spot.

3. Bacchus at the Wedgewood 

Never has old-school been such a complement. This timeless room in Vancouver’s swank Wedgewood Hotel has a menu heavy on classics—Yarrow Meadow’s Duck Breast, Rack of Lamb—all served with precision and focus in wood-panelled warmth. 

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4. The Magnet

Well, when we voted on this, the words European and British were not antonyms—thanks for that you mop-headed git. But still, it does give us the opportunity to sing the praises of this supremely elevated pub fare: English pork pie, sticky toffee puddings, plus a killer selection of beer and natty wine.