2023 Gift Guide: Where to Shop for Last-Minute Gifts in Vancouver

It's go time. Here are the best gifts and where to find them when you're last-minute holiday shopping in Vancouver in 2023.

Well, here we are. At the time I’m writing this, it’s four days until Christmas, and I’m on my very last weekly gift guide of 2023—in case you’ve missed it, I’ve done five Friday gift guides over the last five weeks. Yes, it’s technically Thursday, but unlike the folks who need this post, I’m organized.

Just kidding—it’s not your fault that the holiday season passes us by faster than a Granville island gull snatches a french fry. Time is a construct, consumerism plagues us all, the best gift is quality time spent with friends and family, blah blah blah. Get serious. You’re desperate for something to put under the tree, and I can help.

That said, we’re not slapping together something generic or boring. Instead of specific gifts, this gift guide will consist of excellent, gift-focused stores and general, widely-available gift ideas. I can guarantee it will inspire you. Let me help you get your act together.

Thanks for sticking with me for six weeks. The best gift you can give to me is signing up for a free print subscription to Vanmag. I could also use some rent money.

4 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Get in Vancouver in 2023


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1. Anything From Front and Company

This Main Street consignment store is an excellent place to shop for the trendsetter in your life, and the gift shop next door (also Front and Company) has the market cornered on clever cards, TV-related mugs and niche Christmas tree decorations (bedazzled pizza, anyone?). On top of being a great destination for gifting, Front and Company is also in a very walkable neighbourhood when it comes to window shopping—check out Vancouver Special for beautiful homewares.

Suyo, winner of Vanmag’s 2023 Best New Restaurant award.

2. A Gift Card to an Award-Winning Restaurant

Man, if only you had access to a list of the best restaurants in Vancouver that covered tons of different cuisines including Chinese, African, Indian, French, Italian and more… oh wait, you absolutely do thanks to Vanmag’s 2023 Restaurant Awards. Snag a gift card online to any of the top restaurants, or better yet, just make a reservation for January and treat your giftee to a night of first-rate food.

If you’re like me and feel like gift cards are inherently boring, I suggest doing what I did last year: pack a Kissa Tanto gift card into a balloon, blow the balloon up and encourage your giftee to pop their present.

Photo: Polygon Gallery Holiday Shop

3. Anything from the Polygon Gallery’s Holiday Shop

This art gallery gift shop is in North Vancouver, but it is absolutely worth crossing a bridge for. It’s my favourite place to shop when I don’t know what I’m shopping for: this is the place to get creative, unique, functional and locally made presents.  From funky jewellery to great books to funny card games to functional kitchen tools, this place rocks. It’s open from 10am to 4pm on Christmas Eve, if you really want to cut it close.

Mean Girls National Tour

4. Tickets to a Vancouver concert, musical or comedy show

Thanks to the power of the internet, we can purchase event tickets instantly. One second, you’re wallowing in your own incompetency, cursing yourself for not shopping for presents earlier. The next, you’re the proud owner of tickets to your giftee’s favourite band Poolside on February 3 or their favourite musical Mean Girls on January 23-28 or their favourite comedian Bill Burr on February 23. Tickets to shows are thoughtful, zero-waste and (most importantly) are also a present to yourself.

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