I Compared 9 Vancouver-Based Meal Prep and Delivery Services So You Don’t Have To

From classic meal kits to $400 personal chef creations.

My love of cooking tends to ebb and flow, and we’re in a bigtime ebb right now. (Ebb is bad, right? Ocean scientists, email me). Warmer weather and longer days make me want to spend every second that I can outside, and I don’t want to waste precious sunlight preparing meals—or worse, waiting at the grocery store self-checkout for a human attendant, which I think has taken days off my life. 

Meal prep, meal kits and meal delivery services solve all those problems, and there are lots of Vancouver-based companies to choose from—almost too many.

So I spent a good chunk of my Friday researching nine different services and their prices, dietary accommodations, delivery areas, and importantly, menu items.

From à la carte style salads to traditional meal kits to a personal chef service (yes, we have one of those) here’s what I found. You be the judge.

Manna Sacred Meals 

Cost: From $12.26 per meal
Cooking required: None (heat and eat)
Dietary accommodations available: Vegan
The deets: When you sign up for Manna’s plant-based meals lunches and dinners, you can order between 3 and 7 meals per week, per person in your household.
What looks good: Chick’n Picatta
Delivery area: Vancouver, the surrounding Lower Mainland, and the Sea-to-Sky corridor (Whistler to Chilliwack)
Website: mannamenu.com  


Cost: From $11.60 per meal
Cooking required: None (heat and eat)
Dietary accommodations available: Keto, low-carb, plant-based
The deets: Fed is very diet-focused, with “streams” to pick from that fit certain lifestyles (like keto, low carb/high protein and diabetes). They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
What looks good: Pesto pork bowl
Delivery area: Entire Lower Mainland (see delivery zone)
Website: fedfedfed.com 

2 Guys with Knives 

Cost: Varies, around $15 per meal
Cooking required: None (heat and eat)
Dietary accommodations available: Gluten-free, paleo, vegan, keto
The deets: Menus go live every Saturday, and subscribers order each meal individually for the week. All of the meals are designed to last in the fridge for 7 days.
What looks good: Lean beef chili
Delivery area: Entire Lower Mainland (map here) and pickup available at South Vancouver headquarters
Website: 2guyswithknives.com 

Chomp Vegan Eatery 

Cost: $15.99 per meal
Cooking required: None (heat and eat)
Dietary accommodations available: Vegan
The deets: Select your meals à la carte style and add on a delivery fee.
What looks good: Edamame and watermelon quinoa bowl, slow-cooked BBQ jackfruit, breakfast bowls
Delivery area: North Van, West Van, Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Langley
Website: chompveganeatery.com 

Fresh in Your Fridge 

Cost: Starts at $395 weekly for 1 person
Cooking required: Minimal or none
Dietary accommodations available: All
The deets: This is next level when it comes to meal delivery. Fresh in Your Fridge pairs you with a nutritionist and personal chef who cater all meals to you, specifically. Everything is cooked and prepared for you.
What looks good: Cajun salmon with sweet potato mash and dijon-roasted vegetable medley
Delivery area: Vancouver (can book a call to arrange)
Website: freshinyourfridge.com 

Tractor at Home 

Cost: Varies, salad bowls start at $11
Cooking required: They do the prep, you cook it all
Dietary accommodations available: Vegan, vegetarian
The deets: This isn’t traditional “meal delivery” in the sense that it’s not individual meals—rather, you order prepared food from Tractor (big enough to share!) some of which requires cooking. Their new “grill at home” options include tacos, ribs and burgers.
What looks good: Cajun chicken club with Caesar salad
Delivery area: Throughout Metro Vancouver, including the North Shore, Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby and the Tri Cities
Website: tractorathome.com 

Legend’s Haul 

Cost: Varies
Cooking required: Varies
Dietary accommodations available: Vegan, Gluten Free
The deets: Like Tractor, Legend’s isn’t specifically a meal delivery service—it’s grocery delivery, so there’s no subscription involved. But we’re including it because the groceries available include many ready-made heat-and-eat meals.
What looks good: Sweet potato/black bean enchiladas
Delivery area: Entire Lower Mainland, Whistler, Sunshine Coast and more (see details)
Website: legendshaul.com 

Fresh Prep 

Cost: From $10.50 per meal
Cooking required: You do the cooking in under 30 minutes (results might vary, of course)
Dietary accommodations available: Vegetarian, Halal (chicken and turkey only)
The deets: Royalty in Vancouver’s meal prep scene, Fresh Prep has a zero waste kit available for the eco-conscious (which should be everyone, really—it’s 2022). The menu is quite expansive, with over 10 meal options each week, plus add-ons. They also just launched a Thai noodle kit collab with Maenam’s chef Angus An.
What looks good: Spicy chorizo penne
Delivery area: Entire Lower Mainland plus some Vancouver Island and Okanagan areas (see map)
Website: freshprep.ca 

Crave Healthiness 

Cost: Varies, entrees around $15-$20
Cooking required: None (heat and eat)
Dietary accommodations available: Vegetarian
The deets: If you’re into counting calories (which, hey, can be pretty harmful for both your mental and physical health, just saying) this might be the service for you—Crave Healthiness has a lot of calorie and macro talk on their website, and there’s a big focus on weight loss.
What looks good: Roasted chickpea tuna summer salad
Delivery area: Lower Mainland, will deliver in surrounding areas for extra fee (see details)
Website: cravehealthiness.ca 

Originally posted June 2022