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Temper Pastry

Chef Steven Hodge returned home to Dundarave in 2014 to open Temper Pastry, a gourmet chocolate and pastry shop in the charming West Vancouver district.Hodge, who had previously been working under the legendary Thomas Haas, says that he always dreamt of opening his own place in Dundarave, but that the opportunity ultimately fell into his lap. “We were actually looking in Gastown at the time, but the stars aligned,” says Hodge.The North Shore native begin his culinary education in California, completing Le Cordon Bleu program at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, before apprenticing at various respected venues in the Golden State. He spent the better part of the next decade working under celebrated chefs including local Sugar art team Patrice Cordier and Dominique Jerry, and even Gordon Ramsay at his 3 Michelin Star London restaurant Royal Hospital Road.Nearly a decade later, Hodge combines his international experience, natural business savvy and passion for his craft to create innovative, delicious indulgences at Temper, where a selection of gourmet sandwiches, quiches and roasted Stumptown coffee complete the menu. Temper Pastry serves to prove one of Hodge’s strongest beliefs: that success always comes with hard work.